• Help your employees respect
      social distancing

      Track, Analyze, Protect

    • - Key benefits and advantages -

      Multifunctional SmartBadge®

      Risk reduction

      Significantly reduce the risk of a virus spreading in the office, factory or site to ensure business continuity for your business.

      Increased security

      Help your employees in respecting the distance between colleagues with a passive device. Increase their health security and reduce the risk of closure.


      Benefit from an intelligent badge solution integrating several functions (secure access, social distancing, fall detection, lone worker, emergency call, etc.)

    • - Why a management solution -

      for managing social distancing at work?


      Employee health and safety

      According to the law, "the employer must take the necessary measures to ensure the safety and physical and mental health of workers. These measures include actions to prevent occupational risks, information and training actions, the establishment of an organization and appropriate means "and he must ensure" the adaptation of these measures to take account of the change. circumstances and tend to improve existing situations ”.


      Potential risk

      There is a risk that people returning to the office or on-site unintentionally bring the COVID-19 virus to their workplace. Others could be unknowingly exposed to COVID-19. About 1 in 5 people who catch COVID-19 need hospital treatment. Employees returning to work need to be protected as they can bring COVID-19 to their workplace or home.​


      Prepare for employee return

      • How do you make sure that employees really keep the right distance between them?
      • How to make sure that employees can work without any interference from the virus?
      • How to trace the chain of contamination in the event of infection by an employee?

      Social distancing management software
      and secure access in the workplace

      The SmartBadge® COVID-19 solution allows companies to support their employees in respecting social distancing at work by:
      - measuring in real time the distance of an employee from other people and warning by vibration and a light signal if the distance configured by the company is not respected.
      - allowing the person in charge of health risk management (HR) to see the history of interactions that a person infected by the virus, or having the symptoms, has had with other people within your company in order to move up the chain of contamination.

    • - Benefit from the solution -

      in 3 steps


      You order your Smartbadge® online by card or bank transfer. Then we send you credentials per email to access to your online SmartBadge® management software.


      Once delivered, you activate your badges and register your employees on your online interface. You set up your corporate social distancing rules and policy.


      You are ready and you support your employees to respect social distancing within your company to prevent health and financial risks.

    • - Order Now -

      your SmartBadge® Covid-19 solution

      SmartBadge® COVID-19 Solution
      SmartBadge® COVID-19 Solution
      149.00 - 349.00
      The SmartBadge® COVID-19 solution includes, depending on the option purchased:
      1) Multi-function SmartBadge®:
      - Employee assistant for the respect of social distancing
      - Secure access badge
      - Emergency call
      - Fall detection
      - Geolocation of isolated workers in a risk environment
      2) 2G/3G data SIM card subscription (during the period of use)
      3) Access to the software online (during the subscription period)
      - Online Smartbadge® management console
      - Alerts and notifications in case of distance not respected
      - Employee' interaction reports
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